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Since 1769 mankind has been using his eyes and ears whilst driving his car. Today you can have 50 sensors helping you drive your car. 

The DB2 interface from Semefab already supply into  tier 2 and tier 3 to the automotive industry and with  Quest we offer you this supply chain throughout Australasia , Asia and the South Pacific.

Semefab’s pressure sensors are used to measure pressure in the engine block ,hydraulic pressure in the power steering .Refrigerant pressure in the air conditioning system and to control the air/fuel mixture according to barometric pressure variation.

Our gas sensors are used to control the cabin and air quality by periodically switching to recirculate air flow thereby protecting the vehicles occupants form noxious gases.

Semefab’s ASIC’s control speed dependent windscreen wiper rates and window lift controls. The electrochromic rear view mirror dimming chip can male night time driving less stressful. Semefab also manufacture strain gauges inform air bag deployment and ensure seat belts get fastened securely.

For vehicle safety and performance Quest and Semefab are the answer.

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Sensors for the security sector

Today’s world consists of us spending money on online security but also physical security, with the later now worth around $100 Billion dollars.
In conjunction with our partner Semefab manufacture ASIC’s for secure remote control of domestic and commercial doors and garage doors. ASIC’s also for the addressable protocols that monitor alarm systems in public buildings such as Hong Kong’s Chek Lap Kok airport  and the Twin Petronas Towers.
Other applications where Semefab’s sensor chips are used are in radiation detectors for homeland security , nuclear power stations , infra red and passive motion detectors and in CCTV cameras.

For your security sensor requirements Quest and Semefab are the answer.


Sensors for the medical industry

Compliance to Semefab’s MEMs based sensors in the medical field is of paramount importance and we strive to offer this quality. Semefab’s ASIC’s are used in pacemakers, and it’s ICs are to be found in MRI and CT scanners. In thermopile sensors we use a non contact chip. Semefab has also produced a INR blood monitoring system for patients at risk of a stroke. “Lab on a chip” for blood analysis and nano wires with electropolymerised antigen selective coatings are all being developed. 

We are always looking for new partners in the field of medical to develop our technology , contact us today .

Quest and Semefab are the answer to your medical solutions.

Sensors in industry

In todays world the demand for more and more sophisticated products require even smarter robotic automation.
Utilising the latest cutting edge  technology Semefab helps us at Quest supply the customer the solution to their manufacturing needs. Semefab manufacturers state of the art optical electro grating devices used to accurately control dimensions in industrial processes such as steel milling. Pressure sensors control the hydraulic arm of the robots. Semefab also produce precision analogue IC’s used in state of the art machine tools such as temperature stable and instrumentation and scanners.

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