About Us

Quest Sensors are manufactures of a variety of sensors manufactured in our facilities based in Scotland and Cyprus.

Part of the Semefab group of companies we have unparalleled capability, support, quality educated technicians and engineers at our disposal.

In the light of the current COVID 19 situation we have been inundated with requests for out Thermopile sensor chips which is a key part of hand-held temperature measuring devices. We are the largest manufacture outside China for these sensors with the latest production figure of around 8.2milliion sensors being produced.

We are now not only supplying China with chips but the globally, but we still have production capability for even more pieces. Please contact us today for the latest availability and prices.

The outdated bulb thermometer has now been replaced by new technology, and with the help of Quest Sensors we can be a part of the solution to beat the COVID 19 virus.

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